Increase Your E-commerce Conversion Rate with Short-Form Video Carousels.

Welcome to Beauty Buzz, where we're passionate about the power of short-form video to drive growth for beauty brands. Our mission is to help you upgrade your video marketing strategy and support your customers' decision-making process throughout their journey.

Upgrade Your Video Marketing Strategy with Beauty Buzz: The Power of Short-Form Video

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Launching July 2023

Beauty Buzz Platform

Reinforce Customer Purchase Decisions with Product Page Video Carousels

Strategically positioned Product Page Carousels with engaging videos at the point of sale.

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Key features

  • Create and manage video carousels
  • Embed carousels on websites
  • Source and brief creators - AI Assisted
  • Upload video from:
    • Creators
    • User Generated Content
    • Import from TikTok, Instagram and YouTube
  • Approve video for publication
  • Data Analytics video performance
Beauty Buzz Creator

Cost Effective Shoppable Video Creation

The Creator App brings together a community of top content creators who produce engaging, shoppable videos that convert.

The App provides tools for creators to:

  • Receive brand creative briefs
  • Liaise with brands on production items
  • Upload videos to the Beauty Buzz platform
  • Tag products to create shoppable videos
  • Access product catalogues to source products and brands to promote

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Cost Effective Shoppable Video Creation

Creating high-quality video content for your brand shouldn't break the bank or take up all your time.

Our video production services utilize cutting-edge AI technology to streamline the process, enabling the delivery of exceptional video content at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality.